Rudraksha Certification

Rudraksha TypeAll
Place of TestingLaboratory
DurationWorking 9 hours (Conditions Apply)
Mode of ReportHard Copy / Certificate or Soft Copy as required
PriceStarts@ Rs. 700/-

*An extra fee will be charged for Detailed Report (See Sample Report)

*Final Pricing of Rudraksha Testing will be provided after checking the rudraksha.

Natural Rudraksha is a seed of a tree and can be of many types depending upon the cut on it which is called Mukh. Rudraksha can range from 1-21 mukhi depending upon the faces on them.

Rudraksha according to sacred old text can be worn by any person irrespective of gender, age, race or anything. It is beneficial for everyone who wears it. Rudraksha is generally worn as pendant or mala.

Never buy a Rudraksha without Lab Certificate

Lots of people come at MGTL with the same story of buying a Rudraksha or Rudraksha mala from some so-called Baba or Guru. But now they feel that Rudraksha is not working and is not real. They now come for testing of the same.

And 7 out of 10 times, it’s not real or natural. Just 1 reason. Even after so much cases of people duped, people still buy rudraksha without certification and rely so some random tests suggested on youtube. People don’t understand that dupes selling them fake rudraksha in the name of original have already made sure that their fake rudraksha passes those tests.  

The only sure shot way to differentiate between a real or fake rudraksha is x-ray and other scientific tests conducted in Laboratory. We at MGTL offer Rudraksha Test and Certification at very affordable price. All you have to do is to submit your rudraksha or Mala at below. You can get the certification from MGTL in 9 business hours.


Mewar Gem Testing Laboratory

4th, Floor, Near Woodland Showroom
Bapu Bazar, Udaipur
97849-33600 / 92148-25928

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