Pearl Jewellery Certification

Jewellery Type All kinds of Pearl Jewellery
Pearl Color All
Place of Testing Laboratory
Duration Working 9 hours (Conditions Apply)
Mode of Report Hard Copy / Certificate or Soft Copy as required
Price Starts@ Rs. 700/- per item

*An extra fee will be charged for Detailed Report (See Sample Report)

*Final Pricing of Pearl Jewellery Testing will be provided after checking the pearl jewellery.

Being one of the best Gemstones testing Laboratory in Rajasthan since 2007, Mewar Gem Testing Laboratory (MGTL) provides most Genuine and Authentic lab Certification. We provide complete Gem Testing services and certificate for Gemstones and Gemstone Jewellery including Pearl Jewellery.

Pearl Jewellery is a statement of sheer beauty and royalty. In India, Hyderabad is most famous for pearls and pearl jewellery since the times of Nizams who took huge interest in pearls. They loved to gift expensive Pearl Jewellery handcrafted from best of Indian and exotic pearls to their wives.

The charm of pearl Jewellery is also due to its astrological benefits like calmness, healthy couple relations, etc.

The biggest problem while buying Pearl Jewellery is the sheer number of Dupes/ Misleading people selling fake pearl jewellery in the name or original Pearls.

The only way to identify real pearls or pearl Jewellery is get proper pearl testing and certification done from recognized lab. We at MGTL offer most modern Technology for pearl testing along with the certified Gemologists to check test and certify your pearl jewellery.

So if you want to buy or have bought real pearl jewellery but are not sure when pearls are natural or not, don’t wait. Submit your jewellery at our lab and get your pearl jewellery tested in less than 10 working hours.

Mewar Gem Testing Laboratory

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