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FAQ’s for MGTL

Q1. Where can I get gemstone lab report in Udaipur?

MGTL Udaipur is the most trusted and certified Lab in Udaipur offering complete testing, certification and report for colored Gemstones, Diamond, Pearl and Rudraksha.

Q.2 What is the price of gem testing?

Pricing of gem testing depends on the various factors including the gem you want to be tested, gemstone weight, type of Report required (Smart Card or Detailed), etc. To know more about pricing of individual gemstones, check relevant service.

Q.3 Is there a lab for testing Precious Stones in Udaipur?

Yes, At MGTL Udaipur, We offer following services for Precious Stones, Jewellery and articles.

  • Loose Gemstone Testing: Complete Testing and Certification for all loose Precious Gemstones is available. Gemstones include Emerald (Panna), Ruby, Yellow Saphhire (Pukhraj), Diamond, Coral, Blue Sapphire (Neelam), Garnet (Gomed), Hessonite & Cat’s Eye.
  • We also provide complete certification and testing for all precious stone jewellery in udaipur

Q.5 Can I get Diamond Testing done in Udaipur?

Yes, We at MGTL are equipped with best of the technology and expert Gemologists to do complete testing and certification of Diamond in Udaipur. We also provide Diamond Identification to differentiate between real or fake diamonds including lab grown diamonds. We provide complete services for the following:

  • Cut Diamond Testing
  • Rough Diamond Testing
  • Real / Original Diamond Testing
  • Diamond Jewellery Testing
  • CVD – Lab Grown Diamond Testing

Q.6 Can I buy Real & Certified gemstones through MGTL also?

MGTL proudly refers you to the most trusted and satisfactory sources to buy real, natural and certified gemstones.

Q.7 Do you also offer testing of Rudraksha?

Yes, we are proud to be one of the best Rudraksha testing Lab in Udaipur offering testing for original rudraksha and Rudraksha Rosary (Mala). We test and certify all kinds of rudraksha from 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi.

Q.8 Do you also provide Pearl testing through your lab?

We offer complete lab testing and identification services for pearl testing. Pearl testing in itself requires advanced equipments and expert eye & MGTL is completely equipped for the same.

Q.9 Do you offer X-ray testing for Pearl & rudraksha?

Yes, MGTL is proud to offer x-ray testing of pearls to differentiate between a real and fake pearl or rudraksha.

Q.10 What is Certified Gemstone?

A gemstone is certified when it has been tested by certified gemologists in the advanced Gemstone Testing Laboratory and a Gem certificate is provided for the same including the details of the physical & chemical properties of the gem, treatments done on the gem, its origin, etc.

 We at MGTL have expert gemologists certified by IGI, GIA or GII offering best testing and certifications service for your gemstone. 

You can also buy Natural and certified gemstones from our sister concern Mewar Gem Art or Myratna. All gemstones purchased from here comes with a free certificate from MGTL.

Q.11 How do I know my Gem Certificate is genuine one?

You can check the certificate details on MGTL Website.

Q.12 What is synthetic Gemstone?

A synthetic Gemstone is an artificial or lab-made gemstone. It is a man-made gemstone with the similar physical, chemical and optical properties as in real or natural gemstone. Thus it is impossible for a common man to differentiate between real or synthetic gems.

Hence, it is always must to get the gemstone certified by authentic lab like MGTL before making any decision on purchase of the same

Q.13 What is Natural Gemstone?

A Natural Gemstone is derived from nature. When it comes to physical, chemical or optical properties, they can be same for both Natural and synthetic or lab-grown gemstones but the source of Natural Gemstones is nature and are mined.

To identify Natural Gemstones, Certified and expert gemologists rely on the natural patterns, inclusions, formations, etc.

Q. 14 What is Natural Simulant / Substitute Gemstone?

If you want to wear a quality precious stone for good astrological effect, it will be expensive without any doubt. Substitutes Gemstones are the gemstones recommended in Vedic astrology as substitutes of precious stones in case one can not afford to wear a precious stone. They have almost same impact and power as real gemstone if worn properly.

Q. 15 What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Since the diamonds are very rare minerals and their demand is very high especially in jewellery and industries for cutting, drilling and polishing, price of diamond is growing exponentially making it very difficult to afford.

To cope up with this situation, scientists came up with lab Grown Diamonds which exhibit the same physical, chemical and optical properties as real diamond but could cost 20-40% less than diamonds.

Certification is also required for Lab-grown diamonds to differentiate them from fake diamonds.

Q. 16 What is Moissanite?

Mossainte is another natural substitute for diamond exhibiting almost same properties as diamond. Moissanite look and feel completely like diamond and also have a hardness score of 9.25 on Moh scale making it durable and hard for use.

Since Moissanite also posses incredibly high refractive index (more than diamond), it sparkles more than diamond making it a perfect substitute of Diamond in Jewellery. Price of Moissanite is 1/10th of diamond

Q.17 What are Inclusions?

Inclusions with reference to gemstones are anything trapped inside gemstone which differs from the gemstone. It could be another mineral in solid, liquid or gas form or general fractures.

Q.18 What are treated Gemstone?

Since Gemstones are mined from deep inside the earth, they have their own natural flaws which could be in form of varying color, inclusions, fractures, etc. to reduce those imperfections and impart much enhanced look and properties, gemstones are sometimes subjected to various treatments like Glass Filling, heating, etc.

You must know the treatments applied on gemstone before buying it as it affect the prices of stones. This treatments can only be identified and listed by a certified gemologists with the help of advanced gem testing lab and instruments.

We at MGTL are proud to house such technology and Experts who can test treatments done on your gemstones and provide you best report at affordable prices.

Q.19 Can we know the price or value of gemstone at MGTL?

Yes, we have certified gemologists who can evaluate your gemstone after complete testing and certification and provide your right price for gemstone.

Q.20 Do you also offer Rough Stone Testing & Certification?

Yes, complete testing and Certification for Rough Stones is available at MGTL. You can also go for Origin Identification for better idea about the rough stone.

Q.21 Where is MGTL Located?

 MGTL is located in Udaipur and has been serving the customers from Udaipur or Near Udaipur since 2007. We have lots of customers coming in from nearby cities or districts like Rajsamand, Nathdwara, Bhilwara, Ajmer, Dungarpur, Chittorgarh, Banswara, Salumber, etc.

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