Rough Stone Certification

Rough Stone Size / Weight All sizes
Rough Stone Type/Color All
Place of Testing Laboratory
Duration Working 9 hours (Conditions Apply)
Mode of Report Hard Copy / Certificate or Soft Copy as required
Price Starts@ Rs. 1000/- Per stone

*An extra fee will be charged for Detailed Report (See Sample Report)

*Final Pricing of Rough Testing will be provided after checking the stone

Never buy a Rough Stone without Lab Certificate

Being one of the best Gemstones testing Laboratory in Rajasthan since 2007, Mewar Gem Testing Laboratory (MGTL) provides most Genuine and Authentic lab Certification. We provide complete Gem Testing services and certificate for variety of precious and semi precious.

Identifying a rough Stone is a lot harder than identifying and testing a Cut & finished stone. And generally a rough stone can never be tested by a layman. Even Gem experts can at times make mistake in identifying a rough stone. So the only way a do it is to get rough stone tested by a certified gemologist.

We at MGTL offer Rough stone testing and certificate at reasonable prices. Testing of Rough stones require much more advancements machines and technology and can only be done by certified Gemologists.

You can submit your stone for testing at our Laboratory

Mewar Gem Testing Laboratory

4th, Floor, Near Woodland Showroom
Bapu Bazar, Udaipur
97849-33600 / 92148-25928

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