Amethyst, also known as Jamunia/जमुनिया or Katela/कठेला in Hindi, is a semi precious gemstone which comes in purple color. It is considered as a highly esteemed gemstone since ancient times. Astrologically, it is the substitute of Blue Sapphire gemstone.

Amethyst Stone Product Specifications :-

Amethyst is commonly known as Jamunia/Katela and is basically a Quartz mineral species gemstone which comes in shades of purplish-blue colours.

Amethyst Product Properties:

Chemical Composition :- SiO2(Silicon Dioxide)

Crystal System :- Trigonal

Crystal Habit :- Prismatic

Hardness :- 7 on Moh’s scale

Specific Gravity :- 2.65

Refractive Index :-1.544 – 1.553

Origin :- India, Australia, Russia, Africa, Sri Lanka, USA, Brazil.

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