Diamond is the gemstone which represents planet Venus. Venus is the god of love, desire, beauty, pleasure, luxury, prestige, etc. Diamond (also known as Heera/हीरा in Hindi) has graced every middle/Ring finger whatever or however grand be the occasion irrespective of status or strata of its owner. Venus, the planet of feminine beauty, is represented by a diamond, hence best suited to Taurus (वृष) and Libra (तुला). It is believed that Venus helps bring financial success, romance in one’s life, helps maintain a fit body, and the sensuality of a person. In the body, he commands the reproductive system, kidneys, eyes, throat, and cheeks. People who want to build a career in literature, music, and secret sciences should wear this for desired results.

Diamond Stone benefits:-

  • The most important benefit of Diamond is to get success in financial, relationship matters. It can be used to acquire desired love, prestige and fame.

  • Diamond is beneficial for people suffering from sexual disorders, sperm problems, infertility, impotence, bowel diseases etc.

  • It also helps people who are having issues in their eyes, stomach or suffering from constipation etc.

  • Venus’ sensual power strongly influences people who are involved in the entertainment business such as artists, singers, dancers, and artisans etc., so they are highly recommended to wear a diamond.

  • If once wears diamond jewellery, it can help them in maintaining a happy marriage and holding material comforts.

  • When Venus is happy, one will be compassionate, long-lived and possess many other useful characteristics.

  • Indigo is the cosmic colour transmitted by diamonds and other colourless gems which controls all watery elements in the body.

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