Akik, commonly known as Sulemani Hakik/सुलेमानी हकीक in Hindi, is a Semi Precious Gemstone used by many astrologers to nullify the evil effects of Rahu and Ketu. It is Black in Color with or without very little line/lines visible on it. It is said to avert the Evil Eye, improves Physical and Mental Health. A great stone for very sincere, hard-working people.


  • Akik Stone strengthens hair, heart, kidney, eye, nails and nerve. Also, it helps one with insomnia aka problem with sleep. 
  • This Stone eliminates stress, neurological disorders and apathy. Akik (Sulemani Hakik) Gemstone helps in removing negative thoughtsand sharpening wit. It helps in controlling emotions and passions and also inspires spiritually. 
  • The wearer of Akik Stone enjoys fortified self-confidence, responsibility and sharpened senses. Healthy egotism is also encouraged by wearing Akik. This Stone has a direct effect on the center of skeletal system. 
  • It helps in supporting the external desires with internal strength. With Akik, one becomes the orchestrator of his/her individual future and recognizes strengths and utilizes them to best interests. Grief is banished and mental calm is attained.

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